Casey Lyn Goold: My Testimony in Delaware

Casey and her moms.

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Testimony supporting the Civil Unions Bill before the Senate and House in Dover, Delaware by Casey Lyn Goold.

Good afternoon. My name is Casey Lyn Goold, I am 26 years old, I am a college graduate, I own my own business, I am working on a second degree, and I have 2 moms.

I was raised by my mother, Lynda who was a single mom until my early adult life, when she met her now committed partner, Debbie, a woman with an amazing heart, who I am honored to call my second mom. Debbie has become someone I can confide in, someone I can go to for guidance, and someone who will console me when life just seems too tough. I am blessed to have the family I have now. We have financial stability, we have a house which we call our home, and we have one another. However, that could all be taken from us like that because the relationship my mother’s have is not recognized. It sickens me to think that my mother and I may be refused the right to have a final goodbye if something should happen to my mom Debbie because their relationship is not legally bound. Dying in a hospital room alone because your life partner and your family are not legally recognized as your immediate family is completely inhumane. Being denied the right to give final respects to a woman who has been a major part of my life just because she is not legally recognized as a member of my family is unfathomable. I cannot even begin to imagine what mental and emotional impact this will have on a child much younger than myself who has 2 moms or 2 dads.

With issues that are much more substantial like, global warming, unemployment, and poverty, it seems completely senseless to me that we are trying to ban love.

I ask you today to PLEASE vote YES to pass SB 30, to allow my family and quit a bit of families out there just like mine, the right to love with dignity, the
right to protect and ensure the quality of the lives we have built together, the right to protect the stability of our homes, and the right to maintain equal family rights.

Black, White, Catholic, Muslim, Irish, German, left-handed, right-handed, blonde haired, red haired, Gay, or Straight, we are all pink on the inside. We all bleed red. And we all deserve equal rights!

Thank you!

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