Boston Chapter

COLAGE of Greater Boston

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Upcoming Events:

NOH8 Photoshoot!
Saturday, April 4th at 12:45 pm
100 Stuart st. Boston
Please RSVP-Open to all kids, teens, parents & family members
$25 per person

Who We Are:

Our chapter is here as a safe, secure and private sanctuary for COLAGErs. We focus not only on the secure environment for children, but also a place where they can talk openly and have fun. This chapter already has so many wonderful people who all bring their own unique story to COLAGE. We are open to meeting ideas and want everyone to feel welcome. This chapter is open to anyone who is from 8-18 years old who have one or more LGBTQ parents. Within meetings we will discuss certain issues and situations some COLAGErs could face (discrimination, acceptance, homophobia, etc.). We anticipate to have field trips, potlucks, volunteer events and other fun activities planned along with meetings. We hope to help children develop strong leadership skills and be self confident in their identities along with having them embrace their differences as strengths. We want to remind COLAGErs that they are not alone, have a community here for them and together we can bring great social change.


Meet your coordinators:

Hi guys! My name is Anna Frackman and I’m a twenty-five year old medical student here in Boston. I’m a donor insemination baby myself and I was born and raised in Wisconsin by my two moms. I attended Oberlin College in Ohio, and lived in DC for a couple of years after graduation before moving here to start medical school. I was involved in COLAGE programming as a child starting when I was 11 years old, and I found the experience and the relationships I formed there to be very special and rewarding. I am hoping to help contribute to similar experiences for a new generation of kids from LGBT families. I can’t wait to meet all of you!

Hello! I am Jamie Bergeron, and I live in Boston with my partner, Benae. We are transplants to the area by way of New York & North Carolina. I am a 3rd generation queer woman, and was involved in COLAGE as a teen when I attended Family Week with my parents for many years. The support I found from other youth with LGBTQ families made a big impact on me personally, and led to my professional work as an LGBTQ advocate. I’m thrilled to be part of the Greater Boston Chapter and connected to all of you! 

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