COLAGE Community Groups and Chapters

Want to connect to a community in your area? Get in contact with our awesome communities listed below ! We also list groups here that we know support COLAGE identities and experiences within their organizing. Are you part of a community group that connects people with LGBTQ parents? Contact Kaley Frye at and we will add you to our list.

Community Groups and Chapters

Bay Area, CA
Youth Unity Project 

Boston, MA
COLAGE of Greater Boston Chapter

Chicago, IL
COLAGE of Illinois-Western Suburbs

Los Angeles, CA
COLAGE Los Angeles

New York City, NY
New York Adult COLAGE community

Seattle, WA
Washington Transgender Parents

Camp Ten Trees

Syracuse, NY
The Q Center

Toronto, Ontario
Sherbourne Health Centre

Why start or join a community group or COLAGE chapter?

These spaces change lives. One of the greatest challenges reported by youth and adults with LGBTQ parents is a sense of isolation, alone-ness, or feeling that “they are the only one.” When folks with LGBTQ families get together, regardless of what we actually do or say, it’s a positive experience that can’t be underestimated. Participants in COLAGE often share that being able to connect with others who have similar families, backgrounds, and experiences not only increase their family pride and self-esteem, but allow them to see themselves as part of a supportive and dynamic community and to find their place in the LGBTQ movement.

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