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July 25th-August 1st,2015  Provincetown, MA. Register HERE now for Early Bird rates!

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Are you 18+ and have one or more LGBTQ parents? Join our Family Week Volunteer Staff Team! Applications are due Monday, March 2nd.

Family Week is a week-long event where lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer (LGBTQ) parented families come together in Provincetown, MA growing. For families, this time can foster friendships and strategies to provide support and inspiration for how to address the unique challenges that come up for LGBTQ families. We have found in over 20 years providing youth programming at Family Week, that regardless of your child’s interests, personality, or experiences, they will have a positive and powerful experience connecting with the COLAGE community at Family Week.

COLAGE offers daily programming for youth entering 3rd-12th grade. COLAGE programs are thoughtfully developed for each age group balancing creativity with recreation, providing a safe environment to talk with other youth about challenges they face and ways to become empowered, while focusing on connecting your child with a network of peers that will be lifelong friends and support system. COLAGE also encourages parents to be involved through complementary programming 983758_343552739143115_7836899480558967196_nwe offer throughout the week. Sign up for our Family Week updates to learn more about parent and family activities.

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COLAGEr space is very important because you get to express your inner self…One thing I learned this week that I will take back home with me is to not be ashamed! -10 year-old participant

I think it’s important to educate kids about their families and show them that they aren’t alone as kids with queer parents. I learned that it’s important to take pride in your family and to stand up for what you believe in. -12 year-old participant

COLAGE is my family. I couldn’t imagine my life without it. -16 year-old participant

Congratulations! COLAGE Family Week was a huge success! I also wanted to say thank you for your encouragement around bringing my daughter to Family Week. I did pull off her being there for the whole week and I am very grateful for your encouragement.  She even participated in the panel-something I never dreamed she would do! – Parent of a first time youth participant10472740_10152608559922790_7655311840697282500_n

Physical Accessibility- In Ptown, many buildings are one story, but there are few to no elevators in the few buildings that are more than one story, there are usually steps to enter buildings and little to no parking. COLAGE programming happens mainly in the High School that has an accessible first floor, drop off parking, and an elevator to get to the second floor (which must be accessed with the janitor’s key). COLAGE staff will help locate the key so that the elevator can be used. The stage in the auditorium has a set of 6 stairs with no handrail.  We also have programming outside in various locations (beach with accessible ramp halfway down the sand), Motta field (series of stairs with handrail, dirt pathway at the north end of field) and Bas Relief Park (accessible). We try to have chairs at all or our events for both youth and parents to be able to sit down in. COLAGE staff is always willing to work with participants in any way to make all spaces more accessible and we can be very creative with any obstacles in our way!

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Want more youth voices? Check out our YouTube channel for videos from the week.

Thank you to our two amazing local sponsors who make Family Week possible. Both the Seaglass Inn and the Masthead Resort are also offering discounts to our families for lodging.


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