Give OUT: Kaitlyn’s Story

Dear COLAGE family,
You may or may not recognize my name/face. I recently joined the COLAGE staff as the Communications & Development intern. Throughout the past three months I’ve watched COLAGErs fight hard for their families in an increasingly polarized political climate. As it would turn out, the experience has helped me better connect to the roots of my own story.

My Story

When I was 17, my mom came out to me as a lesbian. We lived in a small rural community of about 700 in the Midwest. My sister and I were told to be careful who we told because we were unsure of how people would respond. I translated to mean,“don’t tell anyone.” I felt closeted, like I was  the only person in the world like me.

At 24, I finally found the courage to tell my mom about the loneliness I had felt for six years. That was around the same time she discovered COLAGE. I read the resources online, and discovered I was not alone. The feelings I had experienced for years were not abnormal. Finally, there was a place for me.

I immediately made contact, and my heart sank as I found out there was no programming in my area. COLAGE remained in the back of my mind, but it was not until I joined the team that I got to witness the impenetrable strength of COLAGErs who are  fighting for our families’ rights by protesting, organizing, and most of all… supporting each other in the resistance.
In many ways it saddens me that I did not get to be a part of this community sooner, but I feel privileged to be here writing this e-mail to you now.

A Day of Celebration

In 15 days we’re gearing up for a special celebration, Give OUT day. During this 24-hour online fundraiser you can have a positive impact on people like me. It is of huge significance to our community as it’s the ONLY national day of giving for LGBTQ organizations.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since coming to COLAGE it’s that your donations matter. It is your donations that allowed me to take on a paid internship with COLAGE. It is your donations that changed my life. You can do that for others.

 In 2016, COLAGE served more than 5,400 people with LGBTQ parents. While this is truly wonderful work, there are more than 6 million people with LGBTQ parents/caregivers out there in the world.

YOU can help us reach more COLAGErs in smaller communities by expanding the number of national calls and webinars we provide.

YOU can help us in increase programming that empowers our young people to impact the policies that are attacking our families and our fellow COLAGErs.

Imagine it! Imagine a world where youth are empowered and feel they can change the world.In just over 2 weeks you’ll have a chance to stand with families like ours. When you close this email, save the date in your calendar for Give OUT day and on April 20, 2017 help us hit our goal of 15K for COLAGE.

Appreciate your support,

Kaitlyn Kohley
Communications & Programming Intern


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