Staff Positions Open for Family Week 2016!

DSC_0036 During Family Week, hundreds of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer (LGBTQ) parented families spend aweek in Provincetown, MA. The COLAGE daily program includes recreational activities, workshops, creative expression activities, leadership development, and youth empowerment that allow participants to gain confidence and pride, make new friends, express themselves creatively, and have a lot of fun while connecting in enduring ways to community of other youth. The COLAGE Family Week staff is an enthusiastic team of adults who share the experience of having an LGBTQ parent. We create a fun and safe environment for all of our youth participants. In 2015, 189 youth ages 8-18 and 38 adult volunteers participated in the COLAGE Family Week program creating a vibrant community of people unlike any other.

11864733_10207133284875108_1277875206213555975_o (1)To apply: Fill out the Family Week Application 2016 and back ground check consent form and submit it no later than Monday, March 7th, 2016 by emailing it to our Program Director at in either a word document or PDF. Please only submit a handwritten application if you have legible handwriting.

If this is your first time applying to be a staff member, you must also send the COLAGE Family Week Volunteer Reference Request 2016.docx to two references and have your references email them to us no later than Monday, March 7th, 2016.



Why volunteer?

Volunteering your time on the COLAGE Family Week Staff is an incredible opportunity to work with fantastic youth, develop friendships with fellow adults, gain leadership experience, social justice facilitation skills, and learn to be a strong advocate for ourselves and our families. Participating in Family Week as staff will connect you to this network of adults that will, in all, likelihood, become a second family. You will also have the chance to affect the lives an amazing group of youth. You will have the unique opportunity to connect with other adults with LGBTQ parents who are a part of the team. Although the week is very intense in terms of your time and energy, you will also be enjoying the queer friendly vacation atmosphere of Ptown, a beautiful beach community on the Cape.

What does it mean to be on the Family Week Staff?11794482_10207133180352495_6010282002900822021_o (1)

The COLAGE Family Week Staff team works together to provide social, educational, and community building activities for youth ages 8 and up. COLAGE activities are offered for four groups of youth with LGBTQ parents: Sprouts are 2nd-3rd graders, Camp are 4th5th graders, Middle Schoolers are 6ht-8th grade, and the High School Program for 9th-12th graders.

We expect that Family Week volunteers commit to a very busy week with daily meetings, facilitation, trainings, and staff support. Most roles require starting the day by 9am with our morning programming and often we wrap up the days into the evenings after checking in, planning for the next sessions, and processing that day’s activities. In addition to your work with youth during our programming, you may be asked to help with parent/adult workshops, events, and other activities that week. The total time commitment for our volunteer staff is from 10 PM Saturday, July 23rd to 10 AM Saturday, July 30th. Please give yourself plenty of travel time and check ferry schedules before purchasing airline, train, or other transport to ensure that you can start and end on time for the week.

Before the week begins, you must commit to being available for four conference calls beginning in April and read and respond to frequent emails sent out by our Program Director and other staff. Family Week staff are also encouraged to help develop workshops and contribute to activity planning. If you are not responding to emails and missing our phone calls, we will have to terminate your time as a volunteer.

Who can apply?

To be a part of the COLAGE Family Week Staff you must either be 18 or have finished high school by July 23trd, 2016 and have (or had) one or more lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and/ or queer parent/guardian(s). We seek to build a diverse and dynamic team of 30+ adults that reflects the youth we work with. People of color, male identified folks, trans folks, and folks with a transgender parent(s), are highly encouraged to apply.

What is the time commitment expected?

All staff must arrive in Provincetown, MA by 10 AM on Saturday, July 23rd for staff orientation/training and to stay through 10 AM on Saturday, July 30th. If you can not arrive on Friday evening, you must email our Program Director to discuss your options as a staff person. Please be aware, this is a commitment to early mornings and long days. As staff, you may be required to attend meetings as early as 7 AM and as late as 10 PM. This experience is a lot of work, and is uniquely rewarding.

More information in the application.

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