Hannah Has Two Moms!

Hannah Has Two Moms! by COLAGE

The New York State legislature passed the historic Marriage Equality Act on June 24th. The Act protects the rights of same-sex couples, and the long-sought change may signal a recognition–and acceptance–of the shifting nature of modern society. WNSR’s Sarah Montague spoke with one family that may become more commonplace.

Hannah Moch is a student at Eugene Lang College. She has a sweet, slightly old-fashioned look, like a funky Vermeer painting, and you wouldn’t immediately peg her as a social revolutionary–until you read her T-shirt, which is likely to proclaim that gay marriage is the best kind. And she should know–she is the daughter of two women, Cheryl Moch, and Cheryl Morris, who comment that they gave birth to “a real gay rights activist.”

While statistics are scanty–according to the 2000 Census, about 4 to 5 percent of U.S. adults are not heterosexual, and of those, approximately 20 percent are raising children under 18 –anecdotal evidence suggests that non-traditional family units of all kinds are on the rise, and Hannah, in her twenties, is part of the first generation of young adults to be raised by same-sex parents.

When Moch and Morris met at UCLA, they knew that they wanted to have and raise a child. And although they are no longer a couple, they have “stayed a family in all the important ways.” All three women talk about their experience here.

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