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Dear COLAGE Community,

Our government is now refusing to protect Transgender students who are merely seeking to go to the bathroom in peace. It has officially taken the side of the bullies our Transgender youth face every day in our schools. As a former teacher and school leader, this troubles me greatly. I know what it takes to create nurturing, safe spaces for diverse groups of young people.

At COLAGE, we refuse to accept this as the new normal. We’ll be beefing up our People with Trans Parents program to further support our community. We’ll organize another National Call To Talk About It to provide another space for our community to share their experiences and strategize for a better future. We will continue to expand our SpeakOUT program to empower youth voices to advocate for a change to this discriminatory policy reversal.

In yesterday’s New York Times, Janet Mock–Transgender activist and author–nailed it when she said:

Young people overwhelmingly get it. It’s adults like those in the Trump administration who don’t realize the consequences of pitting young people against one another, which encourages some to be bullies and turns others into sinister objects.

These ridiculous wedge topics are a waste of our time and our resources. We’re talking about restrooms here — people should be able to do their business in peace.

We know that our young people get it and that’s why we’ll continue to support them here at COLAGE. The terrain underneath our families’ feet is changing rapidly. We look forward to resisting, persisting, and creatively rebuilding with you all as we stand up for our Transgender youth.

Thank you for your continued support,

Paul Perry,
Interim Executive Director

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