COLAGE Atlanta Chapter

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Who We Are:??? COLAGE Atlanta is just getting started!? I look forward to working together to create an open, supportive, and fun community of young people.? I anticipate that our meetings will be a mix of activities, discussion, and field trips.?Meetings are for youth ages 8-18 who have one or more LGBTQ parents. New families are encouraged to come to meetings a bit early so the parents can meet Matt and hear more about COLAGE!

Upcoming Events:?

  • Open House, September 28, 2013; This first event is??an unstructured meet-and-greet and is?open to parents and youth of all ages who are interested in learning more about COLAGE. Feel free to stop by anytime between 10:30 AM and 12:00 PM.
  • First Meeting for youth, October 19, 2013;?10:30 AM ? 12:00 PM
  • Second Meeting for youth, November 16, 2013; 10:30 AM ? 12:00 PM
  • Future meeting schedule to be determined.

Where:? The Eclipse Center, 4271 1st Ave., Tucker, GA? 30084 Link to location

Contact: Chapter Coordinator Matt Vivian can be emailed at

Meet your coordinator:? Matt grew up with divorced parents, one of whom is gay.? Despite a childhood full of love, having a gay parent made Matt feel different from his peers and insecure about his family.? Because of this, Matt spent way too much time and energy concealing his family?s uniqueness. COLAGE Atlanta gives Matt the chance to bring together similarly situated young people to support each other, learn that we?re not so different, and celebrate our families.

Matt is a 36-year-old attorney who lives with his wife and two cats on Atlanta?s Westside.? He previously taught elementary school, which gives him experience working with kids.