COLAGE Los Angeles Chapter

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10269561_753844041326654_8854586107443460357_nWho We Are: Family is life’s greatest gift to us and that is why we have to love and be proud of our family. Diversity is strength, and so we have to respect and support differences. You do not want to miss COLAGE meetings, because there are so many fun activities in store for all of us!

Contact: and for the most up to date info on events and connecting to our community, join our Facebook page

Upcoming Events: Please contact the chapter for upcoming events.

Where: The Village-1125 N. McCadden Place Los Angeles, CA  90038

Meet your coordinator(s):  1794736_10152367881197790_8248537825537972523_n  My name is Bianca Dalangin, and I am very excited to be the coordinator of COLAGE Los Angeles Chapter. When I was about seven years old, my dad came out to me as a bisexual. Being so young at that time, I had no idea what this meant, and how it would change my dad as a person.  The truth is, it didn’t. In fact, my father is still the same: from helping me with school work (specifically math subjects, since I’m no math person), to being my best tennis sparring partner, to cooking the best gourmet food every single day. I feel blessed not only for having a wonderful role model, but a parent who has taught me to be proud of who I am and accept and respect people regardless of what they believe in.  These are the same principle by which I decided to support COLAGE.10252181_10152402143172790_7763387984862296106_n