COLAGE is Taking Action for Trans Families

Maryland State House

?As a community COLAGErs have a long history of standing with our families and moving always towards the equity we deserve. In continuing our tradition of honoring our community COLAGE has signed onto an amicus brief ?that directly supports the rights of a Trans father in Maryland.

As the children of LGBTQ parents we know first hand that our families are vibrant, powerful and absolutely deserving of equality, COLAGE is committed to creating a world in which all of our families can thrive. We deeply appreciate the way this amicus brief seeks to educate the court on Trans identities and clearly affirms the laws that require Trans people be treated without discrimination.


As COLAGErs we are proud to serve as advocates for our families. COLAGE commends the tremendous efforts of our colleagues at Transgender Law Center, National Center for Transgender Equality, the law offices of Joshua M. Ambush, LLC and Jennifer L. Kent, Esq. who filed the brief.


We believe in equity for our families in this lifetime and have played a large role in this movement through our creation of the Kids of Trans (KOT) resource guide, along with our large KOT community and support networks that span across the Nation.

We will continue, as always to oppose hate, oppression and bigotry in all forms and embrace our community for the incredible network of brilliant change-makers that we are.

We ask that you consider donating to COLAGE, to help support our efforts to provide leadership development, community, support and empowerment to COLAGErs everywhere.


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