COLAGE Speak OUT Opportunity for Connecticut

Come to Hartford on Monday to show support for Marriage Equality!
On Monday, March 17 beginning at 12noon in Room 2c in the Legislative Office Building, the Judiciary Committee will hear testimony about the problems that couples are facing with civil unions and the need to give same-sex couples FULL equality by passing marriage legislation.
Submit written testimony if you have faced legal problems, financial hardships or confusion with your own civil union. Maybe that confusion occurred when dealing with a hospital, funeral home, or probate court. You can share what it feels like as a youth with LGBTQ parents to try to explain to friends what a civil union is or talk about how marriage would give your family validation that would make you feel safe in your school or community.
If you don’t want to testify, we hope you’ll join us for some or all of the afternoon and wear an EQUALITY sticker or COLAGE shirt to show support.
For more information on testifying and what is required, contact Carol Buckheit at Love Makes a Family at 860-525-7777, x313 or If you are a youth or adult with LGBTQ parents who plans to testify, please let COLAGE know by emailing Meredith Fenton, COLAGE Program Director. We can help you prepare your statements.

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