Watch: Delaware Families Celebrate Civil Unions!

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COLAGE families featured on Delaware Online:

“I love my father — even more since he’s been able to be more true to himself,” Brian said. “Our relationship got far more honest.”

“For many children of LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning) parents, having a family that’s treated differently and discriminated against can be isolating or challenging,” said Tipping, who now leads the group with Patty Irwin. “But when they meet others who can appreciate that experience because they’ve been there, they feel seen, heard and understood — often for the first time.”That’s how Daryl Cramer felt, and so did three of his buddies — Dakota, Jeffrey and Kyle, the 11-year-old triplet sons of Eve Davis and her former partner, Ingrid. The triplets were among the first to join COLAGE. Read the full story>

Casey Lyn Goold Testifies in Delaware:

It sickens me to think that my mother and I may be refused the right to have a final goodbye if something should happen to my mom Debbie because their relationship is not legally bound.” Read her full testimony>

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