Family Week Staff Highlights

COLAGE Family Week Program Intern: Hannah Crowe-Cumella

Hannah (she/her) loves COLAGE and looks forward to Family Week year after year. Hannah believed COLAGE is about a sense of community, and the community COLAGE encompasses hits her deeper than the communities she is a part of outside COLAGE. It has shown her the kind of resilience and self-confidence she believes any COLAGEr has. Hannah feels lucky to have the opportunity to be a part of the administrative team this year and to help make sure Family Week runs smoothly.

COLAGE Family Week Admin Intern: Sammie Groom

Sammie (she/her, they/them) is a 2nd gen queerspawn and a sociology major at The Ohio State University in their hometown of Columbus, Ohio. Their hobbies include listening to podcasts, playing with their pets, and making pancakes on the weekends.

Family Week Development/Communications Intern: Bruce Byrn

Bruce (he/him) is from Media, Pennsylvania (about 25 minutes outside of Philly), and is currently a Senior at West Chester University. He is majoring in Women’s and Gender Studies as well as Philosophy with a Minor in Applied Ethics. Bruce loves learning new things, and is very interested in exploring art, philosophy, astrology and music. He is looking forward to meeting everyone!


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