Online Communities

Online Communities 2016-09-02T09:48:28-04:00

COLAGE has a thriving online presence. From our Social media outlets where we serve as your news source for10252181_10152402143172790_7763387984862296106_n everything related to LGBTQ families and our identities. ?Make sure to join our virtual communities!

Online Spaces- Our COLAGE communities use these groups to ask questions, share stories, post videos or related articles. In these spaces, folks who are from all over the country and world, who often don?t have any other ways to access families like theirs, can create community, support each other, and become strong advocates for themselves and their families.

In order to keep these spaces safer for the participants, we ask that you contact our Associate of Youth and Family Programs, Kaley Fry at in order to join

  • COLAGE Family:?The online Facebook Family?is a place for folks 13+ who want to connect with others across the country (and world!) who share the experience of having one or more LGBTQ parent.
  • People with Trans Parents: A space for people 13+ who have transgender parent(s) to connect about the specific experience around having a transgender, gender queer or two-spirit parent.
  • COLAGE Parent and Guardian Network:?This group was created?to allow a COLAGE “safe space” for parents to connect, ask for advice with challenges to other parents, share your joys, discuss LGBTQ parenting together, and learn more about how you can support your COLAGErs (children) in their experience.