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Books, Articles, Media for People with LGBTQ Parents and LGBTQ Families
Curated by the COLAGE Youth Advisory Board


For having lesbian moms or gay dads

For having lesbian moms

For families with 2 gay dads

For 2nd generation COLAGErs

For Transgender and?Non-binary?Families

Young children with trans parents

For Our 2 Spirit Families

Generally for Dealing with Intolerant people

For Multiracial?families

General Resource for being bullied

For Members of Families Who Have Adopted

For Teen COLAGErs

For Children 3-6

On White Privilege

Research On LGBTQ Families

Transgender/Gender Non-conforming 101 and Resources

Racial Equality & Our Families

For Queer People of Color

For COLAGErs of Color

For Transracial Adoptees

On LGBTQ Parenting

For Foster Care/Adoption

For DI Kids

Virtual Communities

COLAGE Facebook Groups:

  • COLAGE Family: For People with LGBTQ Parent(s)
  • COLAGE Parent and Guardian Page
  • COLAGE People with Trans Parents
  • Family Week Page
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There are also a few other Facebook groups for Transgender parents that we suggest you check out that are not run or facilitated by COLAGE :

Instructions to Join our Facebook Groups (ages 13+)

Interested in joining?a?group? Please read the description here, and send us a brief message about yourself and your family and we will happily add you to the community! (remember to check your “other” Facebook inbox for our messages)

COLAGE is a national organization serving youth in LGBTQ families. We have been empowering, supporting, and networking people w/LGBTQ parents for over 20 years, and in the process connected with incredible youth and parents who also want a support network. In response, we created these groups to allow a COLAGE “safe space” for youth and parents to connect with peers to?ask for advice with challenges, share your joys, discuss?topics together, and learn more about how to support each other. The page is moderated by volunteer COLAGEs and parents in partnership with national program staff who have an LGBTQ parent/s. We ask that all communication remain confidential and that the group members communicate with respect for each other and with best intentions to providing community for each other.

  1. Friend Kaley Fry (Associate Director of Youth and Family Programs).
  2. Message Kaley with the name?of the group you wish to be added to and a brief description of your family structure so we can be sure we are placing you in the right group. The groups are private so membership is kept confidential. At this point, after confirming that you indeed have one or more parent who identifies as LGBTQ, you should be accepted to the group.