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This groundbreaking publication captures the perspectives of donor-conceived youth and young adults who were raised by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer (LGBTQ) parent. The DI Guide offers testimonials in order to answer the questions and address the concerns of current and future generations of donor-conceived children. It is also an invaluable handbook for current and future LGBTQ parents, as well as teachers and medical professionals.

The DI Guide is comprised of four sections. The first section deals with people’s personal relationships with their donor, the second discusses how donors interact with families, the third outlines the struggles DI COLAGErs face when talking about insemination or their families and the fourth is a collection of stand alone resources which includes guides for current parents, prospective parents, medical professionals, teachers as well as a legal resource page for DI COLAGErs.

The DI guide has generated much excitement within the fertility industry and the LGBT community. Alice Ruby, the Executive Director of The Sperm Bank of California, one of the first sperm banks to offer their services to single and/or lesbian women, wrote the following about the guide: “The COLAGE DI Guide is remarkable in both breadth and specificity. However, what is most extraordinary about this comprehensive resource is that it is written both for and by donor-conceived individuals. While intended for our children, this document also serves as an important reminder to parents that DI babies grow up and have their own perspectives about their conception and about living in LGBT families.”

Joanna Scheib, PhD, of the University of California, Davis and The Sperm Bank of California, adds, “Jeff DeGroot of COLAGE has created a timely and desperately needed “how to” guide for people whose parents used a donor to have them. . . . COLAGE’s DI Guide is a fantastic resource for anyone who has a sperm donor. . . . While written for adolescents and adults from queer families, anyone with donor origins will find this helpful. DeGroot covers many difficult topics, such as broaching the topic of your donor with your parents, approaching relationships with others who have the same sperm donor without excluding your own siblings, and more generally dealing with everyday challenges of answering the question “who’s your father?” The DI Guide is beautifully written, easy to read, and full of great quotes from youth and adults with donor origins. It takes complex issues associated with being from a DI family and puts them into simple frameworks that make things much more easy and manageable. I expect the DI Guide will become a household staple among families created through donor insemination.”

About the ART Project: The DI guide, along with the fellowship that made the project possible, are part of the COLAGE ART Project. In the fall of 2009, COLAGE launched the ART Project to highlight the experiences of youth born to LGBTQ parents through assisted reproductive technologies. Over the past 30 years the number of people born through these technologies has steadily grown, yet little, if any, work has been done to bring this community together or address the experiences of these youth and adults. The first major effort of the ART Project has been the publication of the DI Guide along with the research that allowed for its creation. In the coming years, COLAGE looks forward to expanding the ART Project and its programs to include workshops and resources for COLAGE youth born through other assisted reproductive technologies,including surrogacy.