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DSC_0014“So, your parent is transgender. What’s that like?” Does this question sound familiar? As people with transgender parents, we often feel quite alone in our experience. When (and if) we explain that we have a trans parent, we often find most people have never met anyone else with a transgender parent. Have you?

Plenty of transgender people have children, but there are only a few resources available for transgender parents and their families. The below resources and the People with Trans Parents (PTP) community was specifically created for and by people with transgender parents.

Your parent may have just come out to you as transgender or maybe you have known for years and just found COLAGE. People are transgender in a variety of ways and families relate to each other differently. Maybe your parent is pre-transition, meaning that they intend to transition from one gender to another, but they haven’t yet. Or maybe your biological mother is a man, who has been living post-transition as a guy for as long as you can remember. Is your dad a crossdresser who likes to wear dresses sometimes? Maybe your parent is androgynous or genderqueer and neither of the names “mom” or “dad” seems to fit. If you have or had one or more parent who is transgender, gender variant, a crossdresser, transsexual, or somewhere else along the gender spectrum, then the PTP Community is for you!


People with Trans Parents Leadership Team supports and creates community, provides leadership and represents PTP identity and needs.  There are five amazing people on this team who come from all over the country and have varied stories and experiences. You can contact them directly for support and read about their stories by following the link above.

COLAGE’s People with Trans Parents Online Community / This group creates community and a national support network through sharing stories, asking questions, posting resources and relevant media, videos, articles, events and more! The group is through Facebook and is open to anyone who has a trans parent (ages 13+). The group is “secret” to protect your privacy and is not visible to the larger Facebook community. This group is moderated by our PTP Leadership Team.

You can join the group by emailing

Kids of Trans Guide / The first and only guide written by and for people who have trans parents. This guide is full of stories, advice, resources, and a voice to validate and relate to when your parent comes out as transgender. Scroll down for a preview of the Kids of Trans Guide. Email to obtain the KOT Resource Guide (.pdf) and download it here.

The Kids of Trans Guide is now available in Italian! Download it here Kids of Trans Guide: Italian Translation.

Meet the Creator of the Kids of Trans Guide:

Appendices to the Kids of Trans Guide

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ACLU / “Protecting the Rights of Transgender Parents and Their Children: A Guide for Parents and Lawyers”

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