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The next generation of

The COLAGE Youth and Adult Leadership Track is a pathway to support leadership development for all people with LGBTQIA+ parents or caregivers.

Starting is simple! Follow this track (below) and with each level, new roles and responsibilities will become available. To begin, just attend a COLAGE program—click on each level to find out more about each opportunity.

Interested? For more details and to enter the Youth and Adult Leadership Track, participants must complete this entry form. For questions e-mail Jordan Budd, Director of COLAGE Programming, at

The first step in the Youth Leadership Track is to get involved with and attend our programs. Watch our COLAGE 101 video to understand who we are, what we are about, and what we do. You can find out about events in your area by joining our mailing list here.Follow us on Facebook for regular updates, news, and events!

Youth Advisory Board: Shape the future of COLAGE with your voice! The COLAGE Youth Advisory Board welcomes all voices of COLAGEr’s 13-21.Apply here.

Facilitator in Training: Offers COLAGErs ages 17-20 an opportunity to gain new skills in leadership, mentoring and group facilitation. COLAGE runs this program at Family Week and all youth interested in this program must register for Family Week with COLAGE.

COLAGE Program Facilitator: For youth ages 18-25+. Facilitators work together to provide social, educational, and community building activities for youth ages 7+ at COLAGE national programs. Email National Program Director, Kaley Fry at to learn more.

COLAGE Intern:Paid internships and internships for college credit in the areas of programming, communications, and development are available on a yearly basis. If you would like to know more or need to complete an internship for school credit please contact Kaley Fry at to learn about upcoming opportunities.

COLAGE Contracted Positions: Available for 18+ COLAGErs who are leaders within the COLAGE community. Contracts are based on as as-needed basis and can include work in the fields of 1) programming, 2) communication, 3) administrative, 4) development, and 5) photography.

As COLAGE expands to support our community of 6 million across the United States, we strive to stay true to our guiding principle of creating an organization by and for people in LGBTQ+ families. When searching for individuals to add to our team, we will prioritize people with LGBTQ+ families who have participated at any level of our Youth Leadership Track and proven themselves to be outstanding leaders within our COLAGE community.